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2014 Tour - On Sale Now

Saturday 16th November 2013

Additional dates have been released for Gary's 2014 'Purist' tour. Visit the tour page to find the dates, venues and ticket information.

Monday 16th September 2013

We're pleased to say that Gary will be back on Mock The Week on Thursday 26th September 2013, on BBC2.

Thursday 12th September 2013

The second leg of the 'Purist' tour is now on sale. Dates, venue info and ticket details can be found here.

Also, Gary is on Mock The Week again at 10pm Thursday 12th September on BBC2. Repeated, Sat 14th September 9.10pm on BBC2

Latest News 23rd June 2013

If you missed Gary's performance on Mock The Week on Thursday, it will be repeated on BBC2 at 10.30pm. If you enjoyed the show and want to see more, you wont be waiting for long... Gary will be appearing on the show next Thursday (27th June) at 10.00pm on BBC2.

Need a fix now? Check out this clip from last weeks show:

You can view the whole show on BBC iplayer here. You can also catch Gary's appearence on Radio 3's The Verb using their listen again service here

Latest News 20th June 2013

Gary will be appearing on Mock The Week tonight. You can catch him on BBC2 at 10pm, with the repeats going out on Sunday night.

Latest News 28th May 2013

Gary will be appearing twice on Mock The Week in June; you can catch him on BBC2 on the 20th and the 27th. Also, tickets for his 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival show 'Gary Delaney 2: This Time It Isn't Personal' are now on sale, you can get them here

Latest News 9th April 2013

We're pleased to announce that Gary will be returning to Mock The Week on BBC2, which will be aired in June. Check back or follow Gary on social media for the dates and times when they are announced.

Latest News - 28th March 2013

Gary has added another tour show at Leicester Square theatre on 8th April as the first one is now sold out. Details and tickets can be found here

Latest News - 20th December 2012

Gary will be touring his 2010 Edinburgh Festival show 'Purist', along with a few new bits, in Spring 2013. Details of the tour can be found here

Latest News - 12th November 2012

Gary appeared on Radio 5's '7 Day Sunday' yesterday. For those of you who missed it, you can listen to the podcast here. He'll be back on the show on the 25th November.

Latest News - 20th September 2012

If you enjoyed watching Gary on Mock The Week, then you wont have to wait long to see him again. He will be appearing on the show on the 4th October, 10pm BBC2.

Latest News - 18th September 2012

We are happy to announce that Gary will be making a second appearance on Mock The Week, to be broadcast on BBC2 this Thursday at 10pm.

Latest News - 29th June 2012

Last night's Mock the Week was cancelled due to tennis overrunning, so it is now being shown on BBC2 at 10.10pm this Sunday. We can also confirm Gary will be back on Mock the Week this Autumn.

Latest News - 17th June 2012

We are proud to announce that Gary will be appearing on the BBC's Mock The Week. The show will be broadcast on Thursday 28th June, make sure you tune in.

Latest News - 30th January 2012

'Testing, testing' me and two other comics are trying out new material at Leicester Comedy Festival on Monday 6th February, 8pm, £5 for our forthcoming Edinburgh festival shows (that's 2013 in my case).  Tickets on sale at noon tmrw:

Latest News - 15th October 2011

Gary will be performing on Dave's One Night Stand on Dave TV on Thursday 17th November with Josie Long and Ardal O'Hanlon.

Latest News - 28th June 2011

Gary will be recording a special for Dave's One Night Stand at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin this Friday 1st July. Tickets can be found here

Latest News - 22nd March 2011

Fine Brummie comics Gary Delaney, Andy White and James Cook have released the latest installment of their topic podcast 'News with Jokes'. You can listen to it here

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